Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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Preprints on arXiv

  1. Trading causal order for locality, R. Kunjwal and Ä. Baumeler, arXiv:2202.00440 (2022).
  2. Accessible fragments of generalized probabilistic theories, cone equivalence, and applications to witnessing nonclassicality, J.H. Selby, D. Schmid, E. Wolfe, A.B. Sainz, R. Kunjwal, R.W. Spekkens, arXiv:2112.04521 (2021).
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  6. A note on the joint measurability of POVMs and its implications for contextuality, R. Kunjwal, arXiv:1403.0470 (2014).


Ph.D. Thesis: Contextuality beyond the Kochen-Specker theorem

M.Sc. Thesis: Limits on nonlocal correlations from physical principles: a review